centerless grinding


We provide expert quality centerless grinding for bars, tubes, flats, and various other shapes in order to meet your needs. 

high precision centerless grinding


Our centerless grinding equipment is constantly undergoing upgrades to exceed our customers expectations for great quality and fast turnaround times.

steel bars and pipes


Polishing and buffing on various metal surfaces to obtain that perfect mirror finish.


Our centerless grinding and polishing services are provided to our customers with great turnaround times, while maintaining expert quality. Grinding metal is a very involved process as you have to make constant adjustments to ensure each bar has the same great quality as the first one. Our centerless grinders are highly trained experts who have utilized their skills to provide the highest quality for our customers. Many of our repeat clients are ones who rely on us to provide unparalleled accuracy to ensure they are providing theirs with the same. Though grinding is a labor intensive activity, we always make sure we never jeopardize our quality for speed. We at VHS our confident enough to say our centerless grinders are some of the best around and it is shown in their work.